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Installing the AR10 ROS Package

Description: This tutorial covers how to correctly install the AR10 ROS capabilities

Keywords: AR10, ROS, Install

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


Ubuntu 14.04

ROS Indigo

Other Versions of either ROS or Ubuntu maybe compatible however some features may not function as expected


Download the latest version of the AR10 ROS package from :

http://www.active-robots.com/ar10-humanoid-robotic-hand or https://github.com/Active8Robots/AR10

Unzip the folder and place the files ar10, ar10_description and ar10_moveit into the src folder of your ROS workspace.

The .py files in the scripts folder need to be made into executables so they can be run. This is done using the following command from the ROS workspace:

chmod +x src/ar10/scripts/*.py

The ROS package should now be ready to use. Further details on how to run individual nodes can be found within their respective .py scripts.

2019-03-16 12:13