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Robotics Software Developer at Greenzie - Atlanta, GA USA

@SeeBQ wrote:

Greenzie’s mission is to free humans from manual labor. We’re starting with the hardest tasks first — highly repetitive outdoor work in the green industry: lawn maintenance, turf mowing, landscaping. We are hiring software roboticists who want to do applied robotics, now. We build software to do real work. Join our Team.

As a Robotics Software Developer you will:

  • Develop software for our autonomous outdoor robotics platform using the Robotic Operating System (ROS) using Python, C++, and more.
  • Code-review, pair-program, and problem solve with teammates
  • Participate in daily stand-ups, weekly sprint planning, retrospectives, and roadmap planning
  • Build a great company: it’s up to you how involved you want to be. We are an open book and share the experience of building a company from customer discovery to sales to marketing, you can participate and learn all aspects of business.

As a candidate you already:

  • Have software development experience and solid engineering practices
  • Have experience with robotics: control systems, machine vision, obstacle avoidance, SLAM, and/or other robotics algorithms and libraries
  • Have used the Robotic Operating System (ROS) and simulation with Gazebo
  • Know Python or other high-level scripting languages
  • Know C++ or other lower-level embedded languages
  • Have experience with Linux from installation to package management
  • Desire to free humans from hard, manual labor

You might also (nice-to-have):

  • Understand machine learning fundamentals and the most common libraries
  • You’ve mowed a lawn or two
  • Have a customized bash (or zsh) profile and your ssh keys are on at least one other server on the cloud
  • Appreciate a results-based, startup culture

The benefits we offer to full-time employees:

  • Salary + Equity
  • Employee Health Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, with options for HSA
  • 401K matching
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  • Any hardware you need: Macbook Pro? Sure. Slick ThinkPad running Ubuntu? You got it.
  • A transparent, entrepreneurial, startup culture: want to help with sales and marketing? Join in (but be ready to take on real tasks).

Apply at https://www.greenzie.co/careers or email hello@greenzie.co with resume.

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Looking for creators of ROS courses to teach different aspects of ROS

@TheConstruct wrote:

We are looking for creators of ROS courses!

Robot Ignite Academy is leading worldwide teaching of ROS online. We provide online ROS courses to thousands of students around the world.

We are looking for ROS users that want to create courses for the online academy so anybody in the world can learn from your course about an interesting ROS subject.

If you know about ROS you can create a course for the Robot Ignite Academy and get paid.
Payment is made on a per course basis.
We provide you the procedure to follow in order to create a course and the tools to create it.

What is interesting of this approach is that you can create the course at your own pace and from your own location.

If you are interested or have questions, send us an email to courses@robotigniteacademy.com with the subject BECOMING A ROS TEACHER and we will provide you with the full details.

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[WWW] https://discourse.ros.org/t/looking-for-creators-of-ros-courses-to-teach-different-aspects-of-ros/7096

Robotics Software Engineering Vacancy at Eurotec -- Rotterdam area, Netherlands

@reinzor wrote:

Robotics Software Engineer / Developer (Eurotec)

About Eurotec

The Role

We are looking for a hands-on robotics engineer that can accelerate the software development of our Lowpad product. As a member of our engineering team, you’ll be involved in the full lifecycle of software development, from architectural design, software development, testing, to the installation in the field.

Minimum qualifications

  • PhD or Master in robotics / computer science or related field
  • Solid experience with mobile robot navigation and localization
  • Skilled in C++ and / or Python programming
  • Experience with Linux and software development on Linux
  • Experience with ROS or strong interest in learning it

Nice-to-have qualifications

  • Hands-on experience with the different localization, SLAM, navigation and path planning methods
  • Experience with beacon localization systems
  • Experience with DevOps
  • Experience with Agile software development practices

What do we offer

  • High-tech dynamic working environment
  • You can work with real robots!
  • Competitive salary

Interested? Please call 0184 69 11 05 or send an e-mail including your CV to info@eurogroep.com.


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Engineers wanted at Cyberworks Robotics — Toronto, Canada

@xperroni wrote:

Cyberworks Robotics, located in Toronto, Canada, has open positions for part-time and full-time robotics engineers. See the full job ad below:


(If you applied for a position with us in the past, please feel free to re-apply)

Cyberworks Robotics is one of the world’s oldest niche mobile robotics research companies and a pioneer in indoor self-driving applications such as autonomous wheelchairs, floor cleaners and sentry robots. We have worked closely with researchers at several universities and have been featured in media such as WIRED, Reuters and TechDigg. We are looking for part-time and full-time engineers knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • ROS and/or Arduino programming;
  • Autonomous navigation techniques — SLAM, Teach & Repeat, etc;
  • Electronics and/or mechanical engineering.

Interested parties please contact Vivek Burhanpurkar for an interview.

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Robotics Software Research Engineer in Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore

@li_lei wrote:

Robotics Software Research Engineer

There are positions opening for robotic software research engineer under the program of Human Robot Interface for Assistive Robots which is a sub-program of Singapore National Robotics Program. You will be working in Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore if your application is successful.

Please send your CV to : li_lei@ntu.edu.sg and CYShee@ntu.edu.sg if you are interested.


To advance robotics via research and application of new cutting edge technologies.

Work in a small team on a range of robotics research projects in the areas of sensing, localization, mapping, perception, navigation or control based on ROS and ROS2.

Become a technical expert of your domain and contribute to the overall robot architecture.

Design, document, implement and test software based on ROS and ROS2 for various robotics platform and hardware.

Develop, troubleshoot and debug drivers to interface hardware with ROS and ROS 2.

Design and execute automated software test plans, testing frameworks, code validation, continuous integration and delivery.

Analyze and evaluate codes for further enhancement.

Document and maintain software functionality.

Troubleshoot and debug various software components of the various robotics platform.

Contribute to improve the development environment and processes.

Assist other team members in development and robotics testing activities.


Driven individual, passionate, self-starter, team player.

Strong interest in robotics

Fluency in spoken and written English.

Social and communication skills, ability to work well in a team environment and independently.

Experience as a Software Engineer/Developer with software testing/continuous integration on robotics projects.

Experience with:

  • coding standards, coding review, source control management, build processes, testing and maintaining open-source software in Linux

  • software backend and frontend development

  • hardware/software integration

  • Linux based OS (x86, x86-64, ARM) in desktop (command line), server and/or embedded systems

  • real time or low-latency systems and/or software

  • ROS, ROS2, Rviz, Moveit, Gazebo or any other physics simulation software, and/or other robotics software.

  • C/C++ and at least one scripting language such as Python

  • Git, NodeJS, Polymer, CMake, Bazel, Qt or other GUI, OGRE, OpenCV, CUDA, REST, JSON, Go

  • distributed systems and/or data distribution service

  • microcontrollers

  • machine learning

  • sensors such as LIDAR, cameras, IMU, sonar, force sensors, displacements sensors, etc.


Minimum - BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field (recent graduates welcome), and/or equivalent industry experience

Sent from: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__robotics-2Dworldwide.1046236.n5.nabble.com_&d=DwICAg&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=Y4V2dD40mz1lV-AoOCeEbtg_g64KkCSyhIZGZv8wlQ0&s=RiuybCdkEWrWxCYMRxd8fxrcchVJ9rIPRNUnzf-nQKk&e=

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Senior & Entry-Level Positions for Software Engineers - C++ at TORC Robotics

@husketh wrote:

Torc Robotics is an autonomous vehicle technology firm that has developed a complete self-driving system for consumer automobiles. Located in Blacksburg, VA, Torc is a rapidly expanding company with a passion for commercializing robotic and autonomous technology throughout the automotive, mining and defense markets.

Our goal is a safer commute, a safer work zone, and safer missions. We tackle tough problems head-on. We’re looking for talented, driven people who want to roll up their sleeves and make it happen with us.

About the Role:

We’re looking for software engineering professionals with deep strengths in developing highly performant, highly available software written in modern C++. Some of the teams you could work with include:

Path Planning

As a member of the Planning and Controls team, you’ll help build solutions to improve how our vehicles behave in various driving situations. We’ll rely on you to help develop the next generation algorithms while working closely with a team of passionate engineers.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Team Members will design, develop, and maintain machine learning algorithms for our self-driving vehicles. They will optimize implementation of cutting edge ML systems in object classification, labelling, object detection, and/or prediction


Perception team members will develop and test software components and algorithms for autonomous systems. You’ll also be involved in creating systems that detect, classify, segment and predict obstacles in the vehicle’s surrounding environment.


Mapping & Visualization team members will be able to design, implement, and improve algorithms used to create and manage map data as well as algorithms used to localize a vehicle within the map in real time. Additional work in providing visualization solutions for the whole system will also be involved.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field with GPA above 3.0
  • Graduate degree or equivalent experience in working with:
    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision
    • Controls
    • Robotics
  • Strong math fundamentals
  • Experience in the following areas is crucial:
    • Cross-Platform Software Development
    • Multithreaded Software Development
    • Interprocess Communication
  • Thorough knowledge and applied experience with C++
  • Excellent software design and problem solving skills
  • Experience in the following areas is crucial:
    • ROS (Robot Operating System)
    • Algorithms- Localization Algorithms and/or Path Planning Algorithms
    • C++ Libraries: Boost or Qt

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[WWW] https://discourse.ros.org/t/senior-entry-level-positions-for-software-engineers-c-at-torc-robotics/6849

Software Engineering Vacancy at a subsidiary of the Delft University of Technology

@rtonnaer wrote:

A software engineering vacancy focussing on ROS-Industrial has come up at a 100% subsidiary of the Delft University of Technology.


In this position you will be mainly working on developing new/improving existing ROS-Industrial software components, and make them suitable for use in Aerospace manufacturing processes (especially composite structures manufacturing).There will be a lot of freedom to shape your own working environment. We expect that you will interface directly with our Industry partners. And (together with the rest of our team) translate their automated manufacturing issues into ROS/Robotics software development projects.

As a software developer at SAM|XL you will be in a perfect position to help shape the future of industrial robotics in the aerospace manufacturing industry.


SAM|XL aims at enabling Aerospace manufacturing companies to make optimal use of smart
advanced manufacturing, by combining the knowledge of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Manufacturing Processes and Materials Dept.) and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Cognitive Robotics Dept).

We are in the process of building our team and a 2000 m2 facility with (mainly industrial robot based) manufacturing cells in which applied research can be done.

Check-out the full vacancy description here!

For questions/more info: contact me directly through Discourse.

Note: We are also looking for a Automation Engineer. This role is less ROS-oriented but still very exciting!

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[WWW] https://discourse.ros.org/t/software-engineering-vacancy-at-a-subsidiary-of-the-delft-university-of-technology/6807

Build the drone infrastructure of the future with Sevendof in Norway

@pveierland wrote:

Sevendof is a growing startup in Trondheim focused on building the drone infrastructure of the future. We seek to make drones available as a service to businesses for purposes such as inspection, mapping, and search and rescue. Sevendof will operate a network of long-range drones which are stationed in the field, enabling missions to be carried out automatically. We are now hiring four full-time engineers to help develop the first production version of our system.

For all our positions we require the following qualifications:

  • A higher education degree in Robotics, Computer Science or related field
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently on challenging tasks
  • Passion and motivation for solving complex tasks
  • Drive to challenge yourself and learn
  • Experience writing robust and efficient code.

Open position #1: Autonomous Systems Engineer

As a member of the autonomous systems team you will be working on the necessary functionality to enable the execution of drone missions according to a flight plan. Your work will be focused on tasks such as sensor fusion, path planning, navigation and collision avoidance algorithms.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with developing autonomous systems
  • Experience with the use of LiDAR and camera sensors
  • Experience with developing performant real-time software
  • Experience with software-in-loop and hardware-in-loop testing
  • Experience with development using C++, Python, ROS, Gazebo
  • Experience with drone development

Open position #2: Simulation Engineer

Robustness and safety is critical to the operation of our drone infrastructure. As a simulation engineer you will be responsible for developing a framework to test all infrastructure software within a physically accurate simulation, including interactions between drone stations and drone vehicles, as well as systematic testing of local drone autonomy.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with developing graphical simulations
  • Experience with creating sensor models
  • Experience with developing performant real-time software
  • Experience with software-in-loop and hardware-in-loop testing
  • Experience with C++, ROS, Gazebo, Python, Unreal Engine 4
  • Experience with test processes and documentation of test results

Open position #3: Full-stack Engineer

As a full-stack engineer, you will work on building the web services for our drone infrastructure. Customers and operational personell will use our web application to order and coordinate drone missions, as well as visualize and analyze resulting data.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Proven experience developing full-stack applications
  • Experience with React.js/Vue.js or similar
  • Experience with WebGL
  • Experience with database design and configuration
  • Experience with cloud services such as AWS and GCS
  • Experience with API design
  • Experience with IT security

Open position #4: Mission Coordinator Engineer

Based on a high-level mission description sent by a customer, the responsibility of the mission coordinator is to generate a valid flight plan which takes into account the environment, laws and regulations, and the available resources in the drone network.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with algorithms for route planning and resource allocation
  • Experience with geomatics and GIS software
  • Experience with development in C++ and Python

We can offer

  • Exciting and rewarding work. You will not be bored!
  • Be a part of a passionate and motivated team
  • The opportunity to work on new systems where you can influence strategies, technologies, and implementations.
  • Offices in the exciting FAKTRY incubator with 14 other start-ups
  • Gym membership included
  • Unlimited Kjeldsberg coffee
  • Table tennis with Alfredo and Johannes

To apply for a position, send us your application, CV, grades, references, and portfolio of relevant work to: careers@sevendof.com

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Robotics Perception Engineer, Houston Mechatronics Inc

@yamokosk wrote:

Houston Mechatronics, Inc. (HMI), Houston’s leader in robotics and automation systems, is disrupting the status quo and advancing the integration of robotics within the Oil & Gas, Telecomm and Defense markets. Founded by former NASA engineers, HMI is located in Webster, TX, just down the street from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. We are a rapidly growing company and want you to be part of our amazing team as we design, develop, and deploy intelligent, automated systems in our three key markets.

HMI is actively seeking an experienced perception engineer to develop advanced sensor hardware and vision algorithms for object detection, tracking and classification. We’re looking for an expert in real-time robot perception able to use a combination of cameras and other sensors. The candidate should be an expert in high performance sensors, localization, mapping, object detection, tracking and classification. A strong theoretical background including experience with bayesian statistics and computational neural networks is highly desired.

Successful candidates for this position will have the following credentials:


  • BS/MS in Robotics, Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field
  • Excellent C++, Python skills and expertise in integrating machine learning algorithms into an automated system
  • Expert in using a combination of high performance sensors to achieve localization, mapping, object detection, tracking and classification
  • Experience using machine learning techniques to overcome environmental conditions that limit the application of traditional vision algorithms
  • Experience in data structures and advanced algorithms
  • Understanding of perception work in different sensor models such as LIDAR, TOF and optical


  • Experience with robot build cycles and hardware in the loop simulations
  • Experience writing robust, safety-critical, efficient code
  • Experience with Linux
  • Worked in an agile environment

We offer a competitive salary, a comprehensive benefits package, and a great working environment. If you’re a motivated engineer with our desired skill set that thrives on solving complex problems in a high-paced, dynamic, team oriented environment, then please apply to join our HMI team!

If you are interested, please apply at the following link: https://goo.gl/N2hxpN

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Robotics Software Developer (C++ & ROS) - Olis Robotics in Seattle, WA

@Siri wrote:

About Olis Robotics
Olis Robotics has developed a next-generation software platform that greatly expands the capabilities of pilot-controlled service robots in the field. Olis software acts like a brain to enable robotic cognizance and control, which translates into greater dexterity, precision, productivity, and overall mission success, while simultaneously reducing downtime and driving down costs.


  • Develop, maintain and release real-time kinematics and motion planning algorithms for robot arms
  • Take a leading role in integration of Olis software platform with new robot systems
  • Participate in agile development teams and actively engage in design reviews
  • Design and execute testing and validation of code from unit tests to integration level

Required Skills

  • Strong robotics background including forward/inverse kinematics (closed-form and numerical), singularities, motion planning etc.
  • C++11 experience
  • Familiarity with Linux, Robotics Operating System (ROS) and Gazebo
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Education and Experience

  • MS/PhD degree in Robotics or Computer Science/Engineering with relevant course projects

Send resume to jobs@olisrobotics.com


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[WWW] https://discourse.ros.org/t/robotics-software-developer-c-ros-olis-robotics-in-seattle-wa/6690

Engineer II / Research Engineer (Software)

@hmackenzie wrote:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is currently searching for a Engineer II/Research Engineer to join the Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Department in their Deep Submergence Laboratory. This is a regular, full-time, exempt position, and is eligible for benefits.

Tired of sitting at your desk and testing your code in simulation? Looking for a job where the “field” in field robotics truly deserves to be the first word in the phrase? Looking for a place where research and technology directly intersect operations and where you can make a difference in the way we understand the planet we live on while pursuing your passion for robotics?

Join the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Sentry team. www.whoi.edu/main/sentry. Sentry is an operationally deployed AUV that spends 100 - 200 days per year at sea gathering data for ocean scientists and testing new technology. Sentry is under continuous upgrade including pushing the boundaries of AUV sampling, new command and control systems, and new sensing systems. Members of the Sentry team all serve a dual role both as technology developers/engineers, but also as vehicle operators engaged in missions of scientific and societal importance. Recent missions have included oil spill response, locating black boxes, studying sub-sea volcanoes, and looking for mantle rocks to name just a few. In between deployments, you will be working in the Deep Submergence Lab at Woods Hole developing new control code, communications code, GUIS, data processing pipelines and other software for AUV operations. Past project sponsors include NSF, NOAA, Office of Naval Research, DARPA, NASA, foreign governments, philanthropic organizations, and corporations.

Software engineers within the group are expected to routinely deploy with the systems that they work on. This entails both testing deployments where new technology is refined and validated, but also operational deployments where the systems developed are utilized in direct support of a science mission. These deployments are worldwide, typically offshore and typically range between 7 and 60 days. Candidates are expected to be willing to deploy for up to 120 days per year especially early in their tenure at WHOI. Candidates must be comfortable balancing multiple projects and priorities with limited supervision.

Join the AUV Sentry team to develop software related to vehicle control, operations and data processing. This may include participation in at sea activities up to 120 day per year.
Develop soft real time control code, communications code, GUIs and other code for AUV operations.
Develop data post processing tools.
Develop software relevant to a variety of other funded research projects.
Support field operations and testing.
Note: This is a software centric posting and while we are very open to engineers with relevant experience, there will be limited opportunity for any form of hardware design.

Medium term career potential includes:
The possibility for at sea leadership including Expedition Leader
The potential to work with more senior staff to propose your own ideas to funding agencies
The potential to manage small to medium projects

A significant commitment to success of the program and the mission will be required particularly while at sea. This is a group that is known for going to extreme measures to make a cruise succeed even in the face of significant setbacks and any long term part of the group will need to have the same attitude. Candidates must be highly creative when it’s time to be creative but must be able to become highly focused and effective as deadlines approach. The ship will sail whether the software is ready or not.

As deemed necessary by supervisor

Minimum of a BS in an engineering discipline or computer science plus substantial coding experience in C++ beyond experience gained as an undergraduate.

Engineer II level*
Require either a MS in an engineering discipline or computer science or a BS degree and several years of relevant work experience.
Research Engineer level*

Must have either a PhD or a lesser degree and substantial relevant work experience.
*Position level will be determined by the selected candidate’s level of education & experience.

Prior experience:

Prior experience with C++ is highly desired. Baring experience with C++, candidates will need to demonstrate extensive experience with another object oriented language including inheritance.
Prior experience with ROS is highly desired.
Prior experience in medium to large scale projects consisting of tens to hundreds of thousands of lines of code and 5-10+ developers is highly desired.
Electrical/Electronic debug skills are highly desired.
Prior experience with integration of COTS peripherals into code is highly desired.
Prior experience with Linux in desktop, embedded and/or server applications is highly desired.
Prior experience with revision control systems is highly desired.
Prior experience with data processing in python or matlab is desired.
Prior experience with acoustic or other oceanographic data is desired.
Prior experience with GUI programming (ideally QT) is desired.

Must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
Must be able to obtain and maintain a TWIC card
While not initially required, individuals able to obtain SECRET clearance are desired.

Physical duties for this position include but are not limited to, ability to lift 25-50 lbs independently, 2-3 times per day; carry 25-50 lbs, 3-4 times per day. Visual abilities to include near, far, and peripheral vision, depth perception, ability to distinguish basic colors. Hearing requirements include the ability to hear and respond to instructions, communicate effectively in loud areas. Other physical tasks include occasional prolonged standing/walking; use of hands for basic /fine grasping and manipulation, reaching above and below the shoulders, and kneeling, bending, and stooping. Will be exposed to excessive cold, heat, and/or humidity, grease and oils, hazardous substances or specimens, electrical/mechanical/power equipment hazards, prolonged work hours, and/or extended periods at sea. Physical duties are subject to change.

Apply at: http://www.whoi.edu/HR/page.do?pid=41156
Position #:18-02-05

Further information, contact
Hugh MacKenzie, CPC

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Software Engineering / Robotics Internships @ Simbe Robotics

@smac wrote:

As a Robotics Research Intern , you’ll be working first-hand with our fleet of autonomous mobile robots! You’ll be experimenting with new features and capabilities for our robots that are deployed actively around the globe!

We’re hiring for Summer as well as Spring interns (starting anywhere between now and Feb) to work on some of the most interesting problems around including robot collaboration, social robotics, SLAM, optimal control, path planning, security, and more.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in robotics, computer science, artificial intelligence or related area.
  • Background or knowledge in C++ (preferably) or python.
  • ROS knowledge.

Find job posting here: https://jobs.lever.co/simberobotics.com/4952daea-00f4-419d-a613-18a0308c6b83

You can reach out to me at steve[at]simberobotics[dot]com

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[WWW] https://discourse.ros.org/t/software-engineering-robotics-internships-simbe-robotics/6660

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead at Bear Robotics, Inc. in Silicon Valley

@PennyBearRobotics wrote:

Bear Robotics was started in 2017 to address the increased pressure faced by the food service industry around wages, labor supply, and cost efficiencies. Our company has developed a robot named Penny enabled by artificial intelligence and able to autonomously shuttle food from a kitchen out to tables and bring dishes back for cleaning. If you want to dive into deep-tech with an A+ team, Bear Robotics is a perfect place for you.

We are growing and looking for a passionate Senior Software Engineer who is as excited about our robots and mission as we are.

Your Role & Responsibilities:

  • You are involved in building and optimizing our own Bear Operating Systems, an infrastructure to control and monitor our globally deployed robots. You are building the remote monitoring, record-replay as well as resource scheduling.
  • When it comes to distributed computing, you lead the way in your team and are the go-to expert in regards of system design and architecture. No matter if it is Git, NoSQL, Networking, Google Cloud, ReactJs, NodeJs, Gevent, Docker or Cordova - you own the full stack system like no other.
  • Furthermore, you enjoy driving optimization strategies and realizing ambiguous work streams. Therefore, you work closely with our product team to translate product requirements into technical specification and to define project milestones.
  • Your organization skills, go-getter personality and people-focussed mentality are the right tools to grow into a tech lead role.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Strong background in software backend and frontend development
  • Strong knowledge and solid hands-on experience of Linux based system
  • Proven skills in distributed system design and architecture

This role gives you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and cutting-edge robotics company in the middle of Silicon Valley. Bear Robotics stands for flat hierarchies with direct communication, individual career growing opportunities and a team of like-minded robot enthusiasts. Do you want to snap the chance to re-imagine the robotics service industry with us? Then we would love to hear from you soon!

Please submit your application by writing an email to jobs(at)bearrobotics(dot)ai and adding “Senior Software Engineer” to the subject line.

Job Type: Full-time
Location: Redwood City, CA
Learn more about us here: https://www.bearrobotics.ai

Being authorized to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment.

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[WWW] https://discourse.ros.org/t/senior-software-engineer-tech-lead-at-bear-robotics-inc-in-silicon-valley/6640

Software Development in ROS/PCL using C++ and Linux

@jordanfe wrote:

Looking for an individual with excellent C++ and Linux skills. The position will use laser scan data in ROS and PCL (point cloud library) for advanced point cloud analytics. Experience in either ROS or PCL is largely preferred.

Depending on applicant’s experience, this can range from a short-term position, to full-time with benefits. Position can be located in either San Diego, CA or Bozeman, MT. However, remote employment is possible for the right applicant.

Required Skills:

  1. C++
  2. Linux
  3. ROS and PCL
  4. Experience or background using point cloud data
  5. Machine Learning

Desired Skills:

  1. QT
  2. Python
  3. Direct automotive LiDAR experience
  4. Depth clustering, euclidian clustering, bounding box, pose estimation, skeletal fitting.

Applicants can email resumes to info@flight-evolved.com.
Direct contact: Jordan Rising 701-290-0222

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(Sr)Robotics Engineer (Navigation, Localization, Machine Learning, Manipulation) at Brisa - (Recife Metropolitan Region), Brazil

@Mangue_Bot wrote:

We are a fast growing startup located on the sunny coast of the Brazilian Northeast and developing some very interesting Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing projects for companies worldwide.

We need robotics engineers from multiple domains to join our team in Brazil.

Please check our open positions at(the descriptions are in Portuguese, but applications in English and Spanish are also welcome):

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🤖 Robotics Software Engineers / Developers - TWYFORD, near READING, M4 - UK

@Davidi wrote:

Robotics Software Engineers / Developers (all levels)

Location: Twyford (M4 Corridor - near Reading, Slough, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Bracknell - United Kingdom)

## About our Business

Robosynthesis (http://robosynthesis.com) is a modular industrial robotics platform that’s reconfigurable in-the-field to perform a wide range of missions using a variety of sensors and tools, different physical configurations, and various terrain-optimised traction systems. Our platforms have been used at CERN in the LHC, at the National Physical Laboratory, inside gas pressure vessels, and even in chicken sheds(!).

## The Role

We’re recruiting robotics software developers with open-source robotics experience to join our young and growing team working on a range of research and commercial projects. You’ll be involved in the full lifecycle of software development, from architectural design and planning, through to the delivery of well-designed, testable and efficient code. We’re a close-knit team with a passion for robotics and new tech. Want to join us?


  • Collaborate on flow charts, layouts and documentation to clarify requirements & solutions. Produce specifications and determine operational feasibility;
  • Write well-designed, testable code. Integrate software components into a fully functional software system;
  • Develop automated software test plans and quality assurance procedures;
  • Document and maintain software functionality;
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems.

Important Skills & Experience

  • BSc in Computer Science, Robotics, Engineering or other relevant field;
  • Experience as a Software Engineer/Developer on robotics projects;
  • High proficiency in Python and/or C++;
  • Proficiency and demonstrable experience in Robotics Operating System (ROS.org);
  • Good understanding and proven experience in key robotics areas: Motion planning, SLAM, Manipulators (FK, IK, Robot arms), wheel/drive control, Autonomous Intelligent Systems;
  • Understanding of networked systems and protocols (TCP/IP, UDP for ROS);
  • Proficiency in Git. Experience with Unix systems, specifically for robotics or low-latency applications.


  • Experience in Agile software development, and use of Confluence, Trello, Slack, etc
  • Embedded systems, simulators (Gazebo), deploying code on hardware
  • Electronics knowledge and experience. Networking and comms (ethernet, adaptive RF, COFDM).

## Apply now

Contact us now and tell us about yourself; why you love robotics, and why you’d be a great addition to our team.
Email: jobs@robosynthesis.com

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Internship at The Construct

@TheConstruct wrote:

Dear roboticists,


The Construct (www.theconstruct.ai) is a company dedicated to teach and program robots with ROS by means of a web browser.

The team is looking for people passionated about robotics, in their early career, for intern positions.

1- The nice to have technical requirements (this is not mandatory):

  • How to program in C++ or Python
  • Knowledge of ROS
  • Knowledge of Gazebo simulator


  • Be able to work autonomously, but within a team
  • Be able to coordinate with the rest of the team
  • Be willing to learn fast and update continuously


  1. Nice offer, but what will I have to do?

Two things:

  • Learn a lot. Fast! (about ROS, robotics and simulations). You will have full access to our academy to learn about all the subjects as well as to our team for support.
  • Build amazing robot simulations based on ROS… or write articles reproducing ROS experiments… or help improve our reinforcement learning courses… or create interesting ROSjects… it depends… what we can assure you is that you are going to learn a lot about the ROS ecosystem.
  1. From where do I have to do my work?

From anywhere of the world. Our headquarter is in Barcelona (Spain), but you will work remotely from your current location or from any location of the world that you would like to be, like Kyoto, Malibu,Hong Kong… (if you dont know from where to work, this link https://nomadlist.com/ may be useful for you).

  1. Sounds great! Then, when will I have to start?

Ideally you should start in late October. Other dates are also OK (please specify).

  1. OK Im in! How can I apply?

Send us an email to jobs@theconstructsim.com with a link to your LinkedIn profile and to your Github with code that shows your skills. Also write down a couple of lines indicating why do you want to apply for this intern offer.

WE WILL CONTACT ALL THE APPLICANTS either they are selected for interview or not, because we respect everybody.

by the way, working language is English.

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Senior Robotics Software Engineer / Tech Lead in Redwood City, CA

@PennyBearRobotics wrote:

Bear Robotics was started in 2017 to address the increased pressure faced by the food service industry around wages, labor supply, and cost efficiencies. Our company has developed a robot named Penny enabled by artificial intelligence and able to autonomously shuttle food from a kitchen out to tables and bring dishes back for cleaning. If you want to dive into deep-tech with an A+ team, Bear Robotics is a perfect place for you.

We are growing and looking for a passionate Senior Robotics Software Engineer / Tech Lead who is as excited about our robots and mission as we are.

Your role & responsibilities:

  • You and robots are the perfect match. The whole robotic software stack is owned by you and therefore you are not afraid to deep dive into indoor mobile robotic navigation and path planning.
  • Making robots navigate safely in dynamic indoor environments is your passion: you have the roadmap for it and together we will grow into a team of professional software and hardware specialists.
  • Deadlines don’t scare you and an always improving environment brings the best ideas out of you. Furthermore, you have a strong mathematical mind for modeling complex solutions and solid coding.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Solid experience of indoor mobile robot navigation and localization
  • Skilled in C++ and/or Python programming
  • Experience in ROS or strong interest in learning it
  • Ideally knowledge of control and navigation theory, social navigation and/or sensor fusion and calibration
  • Interest in Robotics and ideally real world experience in this field

This role gives you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and cutting-edge robotics company in the middle of Silicon Valley. Bear Robotics stands for flat hierarchies with direct communication, individual career growing opportunities and a team of like-minded robot enthusiasts. Do you want to snap the chance to re-imagine the robotics service industry with us?

Please submit your application by writing an email to jobs@bearrobotics.ai and adding “Senior Robotics Software Engineer / Tech Lead” to the subject line.

Job Type: Full-time
Location: Redwood City, CA
Homepage: https://www.bearrobotics.ai

Being authorized to work in the U.S. is a precondition of employment.

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Positions on the ROS-I Team at Southwest Research Institute!

@mrobinson wrote:

We have a few openings on our development team for both mechanical-leaning, and of course developers that have an interest in leveraging open source tools to solve complex manufacturing and industrial challenges! This is a dynamic work environment with lab time and where creativity is encouraged. SwRI boasts an amazing campus with a number of perks, and San Antonio, TX offers affordable housing and great weather, except for those couple weeks in the summer that can be on the “warm side”.


If you have some ROS skills and a passion for taking the development to hardware, we may have an excellent opportunity for you!


Matt R.
ROS-I Americas Program Manager

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Open positions at Cyberworks Robotics

@xperroni wrote:

Cyberworks Robotics, located in Toronto, Canada, has open positions for part-time and full-time robotics engineers. See the full job ad below:


Cyberworks Robotics is one of the world’s oldest niche mobile robotics research companies and a pioneer in indoor self-driving applications such as autonomous wheelchairs, floor cleaners and sentry robots. We have worked closely with researchers at several universities and have been featured in media such as WIRED, Reuters and TechDigg. We are looking for part-time and full-time engineers knowledgeable in ROS, SLAM, Teach and Repeat, and related technologies. Experience in mechanics is an asset. Interested parties please contact vivek@cyberworksrobotics.com for an interview.

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Positions at Health Division of Tecnalia (Spain)

@miguelprada wrote:

The Health Division at Tecnalia designs and develops, among other things, advanced medical devices to treat neurological diseases to enable elderly, disable or injured persons to compensate or accelerate the recovery of their lost functions (such as mobility) and to facilitate personal autonomy while improving their quality of life. In addition, Tecnalia Health develops novel robotic devices both for the healthcare industry and for worker protection and wellbeing in industrial settings.

We are currently hiring for:

Both openings are fulltime positions at our site on San Sebastian. Please follow the links above to get more information or to apply to any of the openings.

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Software Engineering Internships at Bosch Corporate Research

@Ingo_Lutkebohle wrote:


in our robotics platform team at Bosch Corporate Research (Renningen, Germany), we are offering internships with between 3 and 6 months duration. Direct Link: http://smrtr.io/LLHS

You will be working on ROS platform topics, such as ROS on micro-controllers, safety, model-driven system composition, continuous integration, benchmarking, etc. In other words, things you need to bring robots from experiments to products :slight_smile:

The work is in close collaboration with our business units from the consumer domain, so you will have a chance to see how robotics software is applied in the real-world :slight_smile:

btw, the work focuses on ROS2, but if you have “only” ROS1 experience so far, that’s fine as well.

Please note that these particular internships are mainly targeted at students enrolled at a German University or Fachhochschule (you don’t need to be German, just study here). That’s also why the offer text is in German. For motivated candidates we can make exceptions, however, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Interns receive compensation which covers typical living expenses in the Stuttgart area and we can also assist you with finding short-term accommodation here. Working partially remotely is possible, but you’ll have to come here some of the time and most people prefer working at our cool research campus anyway :wink:

More information and application can be found for the next 60 days at http://smrtr.io/LLHS – if the link is dead, the deadline is most likely expired.

Of course, you can also send me a private message here on discourse (click on my profile image, then select “message” on the page that follows). Please include your e-mail address in that case.

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[jobs] PostDoc Position in Networked Autonomous Aerial Robotics

@stephanweiss wrote:

The Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt has established the Karl Popper Kolleg (graduate school) entitled ”Networked Autonomous Aerial Vehicles“. Within this graduate school and in compliance with § 107 par. 1 Universities Act 2002, the following open position is announced:

PostDoctoral Researcher (f/m)

as 100% employment position with 40 hours per week (§27 Uni-KV B1 lit b), initially limited to six months with the option of a contract extension subject to available or acquired funding. The minimum gross salary for this position is €51,955.40 per annum. Preferred starting date is as soon as possible.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Independent research and further development of the candidate’s scientific excellence
  • Authoring high-quality publications and active participation in international conferences,
  • Graduate and undergraduate student supervision,
  • Preparation of grant applications and management of research projects,
  • Active support in shaping the graduate school

This graduate school seeks to push the current bounds of state-of-the-art in navigation, coordination, and communication of multi agent unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The groups of the involved faculty publishes in international top journals and conference proceedings. Successful applicants will be encouraged and supported to publish and present their work in such journals and proceedings and will have the opportunity to cooperate with our world renowned international partners in science and industry. We currently cooperate with partners worldwide, mainly in the USA/Canada, and in Europe. We specifically encourage close and open collaboration with our peers both internationally and at the University and support international exchanges with the universities and research institutions (e.g. ETH, MIT, CMU, NASA, UofT, U-Mich, UPenn, Georgia Tech, Vtech) and company partners (e.g. T-Mobile) affiliated to the graduate school. Our young research groups provide a highly dynamic, familiar, and friendly attitude and thus a collaborative and inspiring work environment with very modern infrastructure, which is continuously updated and upgraded.

Required qualifications

  • PhD in information and communications engineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, robotics, or similar graded with excellent academic success at a domestic or foreign higher education institution. Proven knowledge and extensive experience in aerial robots especially in coordination, decision making, navigation, or self-organization
  • Excellent track record in scientific publications in one or more of the above areas.
  • Proven programming skills in Matlab, C / C ++, Python, or ROS.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.

Desired qualifications

  • Relevant international or practical experience.
  • Experience in teaching and student supervision.
  • Experience in research project acquisition and leadership.
  • Fluency in spoken and written German.
  • Social and communication skills, ability to work independently.

Candidates must meet the required qualifications before the starting date.

German language skills are not a formal prerequisite, but acquirement is expected within two years. The nature of the position requires the candidate to relocate to Klagenfurt.

The university aims to increase the proportion of women in scientific positions, especially in leadership and therefore encourages qualified women to apply for the position. In case of equivalent qualification, women are accepted preferentially.

Persons with disabilities or chronic diseases who fulfill the requirements are particularly encouraged to apply.

The application must be submitted electronically in pdf format using the reference code KPK-NAV01/18 via email to Melissa Aichholzer, melissa.aichholzer(at)aau.at. The application must be written in English, including a letter of motivation, the curriculum vitae (with information about the degrees including date/place/grade, the experience acquired, the thesis title, the list of publications if any and any other relevant information), copy of the degree certificates and transcripts of the courses and any certificate that can prove the fulfillment of the required qualifications (e.g. the submission of the final thesis/dissertation if required by the study program) and including details of three contact persons who can supply corresponding references.

General information for applicants is available on www.aau.at/jobs/information. Information about research on Networked Autonomous Aerial Systems at Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt is available on http://uav.aau.at. Further information about the open positions and the Karl Popper Kolleg is provided on https://www.aau.at/en/research/research-profile/karl-popper-kolleg or by:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Weiss, +43 463 2700 3571, Stephan.Weiss(at)aau.at
Prof. Dr. Christian Bettstetter, +43 463 2700 3641, Christian.Bettstetter(at)aau.at
Prof. Dr. Hermann Hellwagner, +43 463 2700 3612, Hermann.Hellwagner(at)aau.at
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rinner, +43 463 2700 3671, Bernhard.Rinner(at)aau.at

Short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview. Travel and accommodation costs incurred during the application process will not be refunded by the university. Invited candidates may apply for specific interview grants at other organizations.

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Robotic Software Engineer - Europe/Belgium/Leuven

@Peter_Soetens wrote:

Since 2010, Intermodalics is developing software capabilities for autonomous and intelligent systems. Our customers are high-tech companies and research institutes world-wide that rely on our services to propel their most challenging robot projects forward.

Our international team of engineers has expertise in 3D vision, robot localization and navigation, real-time robot control and motion generation, drones and more. All our tools we use every day are built with ROS, and we contribute back as much as possible.

This position is for a job at our offices in Leuven, near Brussels, Belgium.

Apply for Roboticist / Robotic Software Engineer if you

  • Share our passion for the interdisciplinary engineering challenges involved with
    robotics today.
  • Have a ‘can-do’ mentality to solve and demonstrate hands-on robotics software
  • Love interacting with people around the globe to help and build robotics technology for a wide variety of industries.
  • Feel at ease joining a passionate technical discussion & love working in team.
  • Have the ability to come up to speed in new areas quickly.
  • Are proactive and take ownership of your work.

Tech keywords

C++, Python, Linux, SLAM, ROS, Orocos, Deep learning, 3D vision algorithms, motion planning

Learn more about this opportunity and who we are
Go to www.intermodalics.eu, discover who we are as an employer and apply today!

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Robotics Software Engineer (C++/Python/ROS) | Maidbot | Austin, Tx

@Maidbot_Careers wrote:


You are a professional software engineer with robotics experience or a roboticist with extensive software engineering experience. You will work both individually and in a small team to develop software for our autonomous mobile robots. You are able to write software at multiple levels of abstraction: from low-level drivers and behaviors that interface directly with the sensors and actuators, all the way to task-level decision making and high-level control. Most importantly, you are passionate about playing a key role in the development of a revolutionary robot.


Development of autonomous navigation and operation capabilities (localization, path and motion planning, recovery behaviors, user interaction, etc.)

Building of high-fidelity maps of the robot’s environment using SLAM techniques.

Development for embedded Linux and microcontroller environments.

Testing in simulation, in our office’s testbed, and in the field.

Source code management, documentation, unit testing, continuous integration.


B.S. / M.S. / Ph.D. in Robotics, Computer Science, or related field.

At least 2 years of C++ development experience.

Substantial experience with the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Extensive practical experience with robotics, especially mobile robot navigation.

Training and / or experience in software engineering and related activities (version control, unit, integration, acceptance tests, etc.)

Experience working and developing in a Linux environment.

Applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S.


Experience developing for an embedded Linux environment.

Experience developing code for AVR and / or ARM microcontrollers.

Substantial Python development experience.

Exposure to Agile software development practices.


Send resume and letter of interest to careers@maidbot.com. Subject your email as following, Robotics Software Engineer Application, First Name and Last Name. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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