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[DIFF] 03:08 Info EwingKang The API says ".axes"
[DIFF] 00:34 Info TullyFoote link to bloom for releasing
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[DIFF] 11:02 Info LennartPuck [1-2] #02 update to be consistent with latest github push
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[DIFF] 10:07 Info Jordi Pages
[DIFF] 12:24 Info AndrzejWasowski [1-5] #01 the static broadcaster needs roscore to run (copied mostly from the C++ version)
#02 break long lines in code to improve readability (and incidentally obey PEP8 + PyStyleGuide)
#03 move the float-1m-above-groun d line to the point where this is actually specified.
#04 fix indentation to follow [[PyStyleGuide]]
#05 fix space missing, make capitalization consistent with previous comment
[DIFF] 10:51 Info AndrzejWasowski Remove the repeated (redundant) code block
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